Setbacks and Comebacks


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I updated. I don’t believe in making excuses, but I will say that work’s been killer so I haven’t sat down to blog in a while. I also had a few setbacks with reoccurring injuries that slowed me down on my journey toward changing my life — aka being fit and healthy.

But I haven’t given up, and neither should anyone else who’s working toward (or maintaining) a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you have to make modifications to your workouts in order to keep yourself from making a bad injury worse. And sometimes you have to readjust those workouts again. Life happens, but don’t let those setbacks get you down. Turn it into a comeback. Do your personal best and — with time, dedication, and hard work — you’ll get where you want to be.

With that in mind, here’s a Tuesday Fitspiration image:


Thursday Motivation


I haven’t had time to update, but I wanted to at least write a quick “fitspiration” post. On the journey to get healthy, everyone experiences moments of doubt. You aren’t sure if you can make it that extra mile, you don’t know if your diet is working, etc. When you’re doubting yourself and are ready to throw in the towel, visualization is a good technique to help get you through those moments.

With that in mind, here’s today’s fitspiration image:



I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had much time to update lately. Sadly, my Insanity adventure has been put on hold. I’ve busted up my right knee a bit (basically it sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies), so my doctor has temporarily benched me from running, lunges, jumps, squats…pretty much anything involved in Insanity.

I’m still working out, however. I’m able to do the lower impact Zumba dances, so I’m back to playing with my Zumba Fitness 2 Wii game, which I enjoy. It’s not hardcore like Insanity – not by a long shot – but at least I’m able to stay active while my knee recovers.

For those who enjoy dance workouts, I highly recommend the Zumba game. It’s lots of fun and you work up a sweat. Also, the belt that comes with the game tracks hip movements, making it better (in my opinion) than the games where you have to hold the remote.
Zumba Fitness 2 Wii

Reword your thoughts



I’m still chugging away at Insanity and am completely grateful I had yesterday off. Perversely, I enjoy Insanity. My right knee, however, is not liking it quite as well, so the break was good. I’ll be back at it today, but I figured I’d take a break from posting exercise motivation to post a motivational image about diet. Not “diet,” as in Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc. but simply general good eating habits.

If you’re looking to lose weight – or even just stay healthy – exercise is only part of the solution. Health begins in the kitchen. One of the problems I have with eating healthy is craving junk food. If I tell myself I can’t have it, mentally I’m thinking I’m depriving myself of something, which irritates me. What helps is rethinking or rewording it. Don’t say “I’m not letting myself eat that cookie.” Instead, say “I’m choosing to eat this apple instead.” It might seem silly, but reminding yourself that you’re choosing to do something rather than not allowing yourself to do something else can help. It’s putting your choice to stay healthy in a positive – rather than negative – light.

So today I’m sharing this image I found that I thought was a good reminder to reword my thoughts when I’m craving unhealthy food:
Reword your thoughts

Monday Motivation


I’m afraid I haven’t had much time to post, but I did want to put up a “fitspiration” image. Sometimes you want to quit, even though there’s no real reason to.

Don’t quit unless you have a reason, and even then, get back to it as soon as you can (without hurting yourself). Note that I said a reason, not an excuse. A torn ligament is a reason. Not wanting to get off the couch is an excuse.

With that in mind, enjoy today’s motivational quote and image:
Dont Quit

I didn’t want to…but I did.


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Almost everyone has those days where they just plain don’t want to work out. Not because they’re busy, or tired, or sore… They just don’t want to. Today was that day for me. I looked at my Insanity calendar, saw that this was my first “easier” day – Cardio Recovery – and just didn’t think I had it in me to do it. For all that I had painfully sore muscles the first two days of Insanity, I actually woke up feeling fairly good today, so there was no reason not to work out, other than I didn’t want to. A part of me wanted to take the easy road and just put it of, but the other part of me knew that if I did, I’d never get it done.

DisciplineI mentally b*tched a bit, but I put the DVD in and did the Cardio Recovery. I watched the countdown counter the entire time (thank you Beachbody for putting that on every DVD), but I damn well did the workout, knowing that each step I take is putting me in the right direction.

So, putting a question out there to everyone – what do you do to motivate yourself when you don’t want to work out?

Monday Motivation


I don’t know about everyone else, but I know that a lot of times I try to put things off, saying “I’ll just wait until [future date, time, potential situation].” You know, “I’ll just wait until after the party Saturday to start eating healthier.” or “I’ll just wait until I feel 100% before I work out.” Very often, “just waiting” gets you nowhere. Life will never be perfect and there’s always going to be something happening in the near future that it’s be “easier” to wait until it passes to start your journey.

Stop waiting. Your health doesn’t go on hold just because you do.

So today’s motivational quote is about getting started:
Stop Waiting

Sweat is fat crying


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I’m gearing up (aka waiting the requisite 25 minutes for my inhaler to kick in) to do my day 2 workout of Insanity. Having done the Fit Test yesterday I can say that yes, this is probably going to be insanely hard. I’m sore just from the 25 minutes yesterday. That being said, I’m keeping my eye on the prize and going back for more today.

One thing I’ve learned so far? Keep a towel on hand. I don’t know why I didn’t grab one yesterday, but by the end of the workout I was sweating so badly that I slipped when I was doing the floor exercises. Towels are a must. I’m also going to try throwing down some yoga mats to soften the impact.

As with any workout, remember to stay hydrated.

Image of the day (and a personal favorite of mine):
Sweat Is Fat Crying




I mentioned in my last post that I’m constantly switching workouts. I’ve been looking at Insanity for a while, so I finally saved up, sucked it up, and dropped the $145 + tax for the set. This week I received my copy of Insanity. If you haven’t heard of Insanity, you’re likely not a night owl who gets sucked into fitness infomercials. So what made me choose Insanity? I’ll explain:

Insanity Workout1. It’s different. I have zumba, kickboxing, Biggest Loser, dance, etc. DVDs and Wii games already – I was looking for a change and the max-interval training, 60-day program really appealed to me.

2. Insanity gets results. No, I’m not talking about the results I see on infomercials (I’m not that easy to sway). I talked to people I know who actually tried the workouts, did a lot of research, saw what the pros and cons were from people.

3. No additional equipment. This was a biggie for me. I spent a lot of money on the Insanity workout DVDs – I don’t want to be buying a ton of additional equipment. The only thing I did buy was a new pair of cross-trainers, which I needed anyway. Running shoes (my normal footwear) have too much traction to use for working out inside and they stick something horrible (which means my ankle goes but my shoes don’t…not good).

4. Time constraints. I’d narrowed my potential DVD buys down to Insanity and P90X and the fact that most Insanity workouts are 45 minutes really sold me. I’m short on time and have a short attention span. Combine this with needing extra equipment to go along with P90X, I picked Insanity over that.

5. Shaun T. I have Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body dance workout DVDs and I really like him as a trainer. He’s positive and encouraging without being cheesy. I find him to be energetic and motivating, but never to the point of being cloying or irritating.

I’m starting Insanity today, so I’ll provide updates as I go on my 9-week journey. I’ve already read through the meal plan suggestion guide they send with the DVDs and it’s a very sensible plan. It’s 40% protein, 40% good carbs, and 20% fats and the recipes they have sound good.

For more information on Insanity, check out the website.

Words of caution: Insanity is hard on the body. When Beachbody says to check with your doctor before starting, they’re not kidding. I’m almost 100% certain I’ll have to modify some of the workouts until I get some weight off – I may be “going insane,” but I have no desire to damage my ankles any further. As with any exercise program, be careful and know your limits. There’s pushing past your comfort zone and then there’s pushing yourself to injury – know the difference and check with a professional if you have questions.

The Journey Begins



I hate writing bios, so I’m going to make this one brief.

I’ve never been thin, but I was fairly fit (always in at least one sport)…until I started college. Now I’m in my late 20s and I’m working toward losing approximately 100 pounds. I’ve got exercise-induced asthma, bad angles (high school rugby injury), and achilles tendinitis (for nearly three years – pushed a bit too hard while training for a half-marathon). I’ve been on a various number diets for as long as I can remember and the results are always short-term. Exercise-wise, I tend to lose interest in something after a few months. My aspirations – like so many women’s – are threefold: get to a healthy weight, get fit, and look good as a result. The last one may be a bit vain, but hey, at least I’m being honest about it.

Okay, enough about me for now – my story is pretty common. I just wanted to give a brief bio to mark the start of my journey. Hopefully I’ll have more to say as I go on.