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Almost everyone has those days where they just plain don’t want to work out. Not because they’re busy, or tired, or sore… They just don’t want to. Today was that day for me. I looked at my Insanity calendar, saw that this was my first “easier” day – Cardio Recovery – and just didn’t think I had it in me to do it. For all that I had painfully sore muscles the first two days of Insanity, I actually woke up feeling fairly good today, so there was no reason not to work out, other than I didn’t want to. A part of me wanted to take the easy road and just put it of, but the other part of me knew that if I did, I’d never get it done.

DisciplineI mentally b*tched a bit, but I put the DVD in and did the Cardio Recovery. I watched the countdown counter the entire time (thank you Beachbody for putting that on every DVD), but I damn well did the workout, knowing that each step I take is putting me in the right direction.

So, putting a question out there to everyone – what do you do to motivate yourself when you don’t want to work out?