I hate writing bios, so I’m going to make this one brief.

I’ve never been thin, but I was fairly fit (always in at least one sport)…until I started college. Now I’m in my late 20s and I’m working toward losing approximately 100 pounds. I’ve got exercise-induced asthma, bad angles (high school rugby injury), and achilles tendinitis (for nearly three years – pushed a bit too hard while training for a half-marathon). I’ve been on a various number diets for as long as I can remember and the results are always short-term. Exercise-wise, I tend to lose interest in something after a few months. My aspirations – like so many women’s – are threefold: get to a healthy weight, get fit, and look good as a result. The last one may be a bit vain, but hey, at least I’m being honest about it.

Okay, enough about me for now – my story is pretty common. I just wanted to give a brief bio to mark the start of my journey. Hopefully I’ll have more to say as I go on.