I’m still chugging away at Insanity and am completely grateful I had yesterday off. Perversely, I enjoy Insanity. My right knee, however, is not liking it quite as well, so the break was good. I’ll be back at it today, but I figured I’d take a break from posting exercise motivation to post a motivational image about diet. Not “diet,” as in Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc. but simply general good eating habits.

If you’re looking to lose weight – or even just stay healthy – exercise is only part of the solution. Health begins in the kitchen. One of the problems I have with eating healthy is craving junk food. If I tell myself I can’t have it, mentally I’m thinking I’m depriving myself of something, which irritates me. What helps is rethinking or rewording it. Don’t say “I’m not letting myself eat that cookie.” Instead, say “I’m choosing to eat this apple instead.” It might seem silly, but reminding yourself that you’re choosing to do something rather than not allowing yourself to do something else can help. It’s putting your choice to stay healthy in a positive – rather than negative – light.

So today I’m sharing this image I found that I thought was a good reminder to reword my thoughts when I’m craving unhealthy food:
Reword your thoughts